DIY “Sweet Pea” Bath Bombs

Paint the world pink, or at least your bath water, with these delectably pink Sweet Pea bath bombs! One of these bath bombs is enough to add a burst of pink to your bath water and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth all day. The fragrance chosen for this tutorial is made up of a blend of some of … Read More

DIY “Watermelon Lemonade” Bath Bombs

Dive into those pool side vibes with these “one-in-a-melon” bath bombs! Dropping one of these bath bombs into your bath tub will add a tidal wave of sunset hues into the water. With the organic oils used in this recipe, your skin will be left feeling silky soft after every soak. The fragrance used in this tutorial makes these bombs … Read More

DIY “Cloud 9” Bath Bombs

Ever wanted to make every day a cloud nine kind of day? With our easy to follow Cloud 9 bath bomb tutorial, bliss and relaxation will be within arms reach! These ultra-moisturizing bath bombs fizz and foam, transforming your bland bath water into an enchanting hue of vivid aqua. With the juicy aroma of grape, peach and plum pairing up … Read More

DIY “Bamboo Lotus” Bath Bombs

Choosing between sticking to a diet or having some personal time with a pint of ice cream can be tough, but life is all about balance. Our Bamboo Lotus bath bombs strike the perfect balance between sweet and exotic with an aromatic blend of grapefruit zest and juicy mango that is offset by the earthy richness of sandalwood to leave … Read More

DIY “Mango Sorbet” Bath Bombs

With warmer weather fast approaching, tropical fruits and taking it easy are the perfect duo to get those summertime vibes. These Mango Sorbet bath bombs do just that by combining the wonderfully sweet smell of a tropical mangoes,  ripe raspberries and tart lemon curd into an ultra-moisturizing bath experience. One of these bath bombs is enough to revamp your lackluster … Read More

DIY “As You Wish” Bath Bombs

Think the idea of making your own bath bombs is “inconceivable”? Think again. These ultra-moisturizing bath bombs fizz and foam, transforming your boring bath water into a beautiful shade of purple, while the lavishly lush blend of orange, peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine will make all of your wishes come true. Let’s get started! 1. Sift the baking soda … Read More